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Wall Painting - RAC Bhaktapur

Wall Painting
2014-10-18 / 2014-10-18  |  
Venue : Trichandra Campus
Objectives : To Create public awareness through wall paintings relating to clean environment,healthy life,natural resources manangement,etc.
Jointly with : Rotaract Nepal and Unicef


Public can easily gain information at a glance unlike reading and lecturing

Project Detail

This event is organised by Rotaract Nepal and UNICEF.Nearly,there were participation of Rotaractors from all over Nepal.From our club,there were four participants.We drew two pictures on two different walls.One painting we drew representing our club only  that denotes about hand washing and second painting co-ordinating with Rotaract fishtail and Rotaract Patan representing about use of rain water.

During the event, Rtr. Aashib Karmacharya and Rtr. Rabi Gorkhali even volunteer for color,brush and chemical distribution to the participants and Rtr. Prabhat Raj Rai and Rtr. Kabin Twanabasu distributed water to all the participants to wash their hands. It was really fun

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