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Free Heart and Diabetic Health Camp

2076-7-29 / 2019-11-15

14th November is celebrated as World Diabetes Day and we too organized an event “Free Heart and Diabetes Health Camp jointly with Rotary Club Read More

3rd & 4th Peer Education Training Seminars on Reproductive Health & Hygiene

2076-7-26 / 2019-11-12

Program Details 

Project Name: 3rd & 4th Peer Education Training Seminar on Reproductive Health & Hygiene 

Program Dates Read More

"The Paradigm Shift" Seminar on Entrepreneurship and Leadership

2076-7-2 / 2019-10-19

The Project was titled "The Paradigm Shift: Seminar on Entrepreneurship and Leadership".

The Paradigm Shift intended to Read More

Annual Fellowship Trek to Pikey Peak

2076-6-23 / 2019-10-10

Rotaract Club of Bhaktapur has been doing this fellowship trek for past few years to strengthen relationship among the members. This year too the Read More

3rd Zonal Meeting

2076-6-11 / 2019-09-28

It was 3rd zonal meeting hosted by Rac Bhaktapur as decided on 2nd Zonal Meeting. The time was 9 am when the meeting started at Mount Valley english Read More

Inter District Youth Exchange Program (IDYEP)

2076-5-29 / 2019-09-15

IDYEP was from 15th September and there were four Rotaractor from RI 3170. They landed on Tribhuwan International Airport at approximately 10:30 pm Read More

Friendship Visit With Rac Bhaktapur

2076-5-29 / 2019-09-15

Rtr. Kartik from Rac Tripur came to Nepal for a visit. As a Rotaractor he wanted to meet the Rotaractor from Nepal. As he was im Kathmandu he Read More

Saa-paru (Gai Jatra)

2076-5-5 / 2019-08-22

This event was hosted by Mount Valley English School and RAC Bhaktapur. There were  around 15 rotaractors who participated in the event and made Read More

Fellowship Hike with Interact

2076-4-25 / 2019-08-10

Rotaract Club of Bhaktpur and Interact Club of Bhaktapur Mount Valley are both sponsored by Rotary Club of Bhaktapur. Interact Club of Bhaktapur has Read More

Friendship Day Dance Party 2019

2076-4-19 / 2019-08-04

On August 4, First Sunday of August 2019, Friendship Day was celebrated @ The Green Cafe at the Event Friendship Day Dance Party, hosted by Rac Read More

14th Installation ceremony

2076-4-11 / 2019-07-27

This is an annual event of Rotaract fraternity where a leader brings in new leaders to lead the club and is called Installation ceremony. Rotaract Read More

1st Zonal Cots 2019-20

2076-4-4 / 2019-07-20

Rotaract Club of Bhaktapur participated Zonal Cots hosted by Rac KU, Rac KUMS and Rac Dhulikhel held on 2019 july 20 to train general members Read More

Renewing twin-ship with Rotaract club of Bhaktapur - Rotaract Club Of Pokhara Gandaki Medical College( GMC)

2076-4-3 / 2019-07-19

Both the club presidents at bhaktapur meet eachother , in presence of DLT of district and some members of twin club and twinsip was renewed for Read More

Last meeting and Asar 15

2076-3-15 / 2019-06-30

last meeting was conducted in june 30, nepali date asar 15. 33 members were present in the event. we shared experience and introduce each other. at Read More

Participation in 12th District Leadership Training Seminar and 11th Recognition Ceremony - RAC Bhaktapur

2076-2-32 / 2019-06-15

Participation in 12th District Leadership Training Seminar and 11th Recognition Ceremony - RAC Bhaktapur at Siddhartha Vanasthali School Read More

Mahakali Food Distribution

2075-4-12 / 2018-07-28

Homeless people those who suffer from hunger are helped through this project. Annually we host this event so that we can help these street people at Read More

Football for education

2075-2-7 / 2018-05-21

This event was jointly organized by Rotaract Club of Bhaktapur and Madhyapur. The fund collected from this charity show between Rotaract Club of Read More


2075-1-20 / 2018-05-03

With the help of The Help Nepal Appeal and our Parent Rotary, we have managed some initial funds to initiated the project. We have launched " Read More

Women can Football

2074-12-1 / 2018-03-15

It shows that girls are also capable as compared to boys. We have a mindset that football are only for girls. This event has helped  to aware Read More

Learn to Defence Youself

2074-11-24 / 2018-03-08

March 8 - On the occasion of Women's Day, Rotaract Club Of Bhaktapur organized SELF DEFENSE TRAINING SESSION Facilitated by 10th SAF Gold Read More

Holi Hungama 2018

2074-11-17 / 2018-03-01

Rotaract Club of Bhaktapur and Sweet Events organized Holi Pogram at Sarawati Ground-Kamalbinayak on the occasion of Holi Purnima. Thanks to Read More

Cultural Exchange Program

2074-10-5 / 2018-01-19

Back then 2072, We did Cultural Exchange Program with Rotaract Club of Patan Durbar Square just before Massive Earthquake 072. So, we are here again Read More

Lens my art - Photography Workshop

2074-9-22 / 2018-01-06

The Workshop had a small presentation from trainer and Practical Workshop at Kamalpokhari.
Read More

Late Rtr. Santosh memorial Nationwide Rota QUIZ

2074-9-2 / 2017-12-17

-late Rtr. Santosh memorial Nationwide Rota QUIZ
Read More

Talk Show- Road Safety

2074-8-20 / 2017-12-06

Our Parent Rotary Club of Bhaktapur organized 'Talk Program' on "Rotary Image Building Project: Road Safety". faciliated by Nugal Read More

Club T-shirt Showcase

2074-8-2 / 2017-11-18

We showcased our newly launched t-shirt in social media. The program was of 1 hour
Read More

NationWide Blood Donation Camp -2017

2074-7-18 / 2017-11-04

-Nationwide Blood Donation Camp
Read More


2074-7-2 / 2017-10-19

On October 19 -2017- on the occasion of TIHAR, we did Deusi Bhailo Program in the 3rd day of Tihar-Laxmi Puja with the supporting partners Rotaract Read More

Ama Yangri Fellowship Trek

2074-6-9 / 2017-09-25

It was 3 days long trek. There were 27 Participants. 5 from Rotaract Club of Madhyaour and  remaining from Rotaract CLub of Bhaktapur. It was Read More

ABCE Dance Competition

2074-6-3 / 2017-09-19

Secured second position 
Read More

Free Bones and Joints Checkup and Medicine Distribution Camp

2074-5-17 / 2017-09-02

Today on 2nd September, 2017 Bhaktapur Rotaract jointly with Mount Valley English School and B & B hospital organized "Free joints and bones Read More

Rotaract is a Good Habit

2074-5-14 / 2017-08-30

Our International Twins Club Rotaract Club of Mines-Albi Caramaux-France have gave us an idea to print out badges with some innovative or inspiring Read More

100 FAMILIES 1000 SMILES | Donation campaign - Flood Victims

2074-5-12 / 2017-08-28

Rotaract Club of Bhaktapur has distributed relief materials for the flood fatalities with 100 Buckets of Hope(initiated by Rac Kasthmandap),  Read More

Zonal COTS

2074-5-3 / 2017-08-19

It was hosted by rac Banepa and Dhulikhel. 7 members from Rotaract Bhaktapur participated in this event. members learnt more leadership skill and Read More

FriendShip Day with Sister Club Rac Phulbari

2074-4-21 / 2017-08-05

Rotaract Club of Bhaktapur and Phulbari Celebrated friendship day with musics, games, funny acts. It was 5 hours long program.
Read More

Futsal For Fellowship

2074-3-30 / 2017-07-14

Rotaract Club of Bhaktapur and  Madhyapur jointly organized friendly fellowship. Both clubs has team of boys as well as girls. It was 2hours Read More

Career andd Employment Technic Counselling

2074-3-19 / 2017-07-03

NATIONAL YOUTH FEDERATION NEPAL( NYFN) , BHAKTAPUR has organized " 1 DAY CAREER COUNSELLING PROGRAM" which is Ideal for 12 graduate and Read More

Project Healthy Children

2074-03-18 / 2017-07-02

We Rotaract Club of Bhaktapur did BMI test of 500+ students of Madhaa Secondary School, Tekhapukhu Bhaktapur. We gave suggestion note to all their Read More

Hike for Fellowship, Hike for Health

2073-09-03 / 2016-12-18

Read More

Yomari Day Celebration

2073-08-28 / 2016-12-13

Together to flourish our culture
Read More

Nationwide Rota Quiz RY 2016-17

2073-08-26 / 2016-12-11

Inter Rotaract Fellowship
Read More

Rotaract Futsal Tournament

2073-08-12 / 2016-11-27

Inter Rotaract Fellowship
Read More

Blood Donation

2073-08-04 / 2016-11-19

Rakhta daan jiwan daan
Read More

Deusi Bhailo-Tihar 2073

2073-07-17 / 2016-11-02

Promote cluture and fund raising
Read More

Global Hand washing Week

2016-10-20 / 2016-10-20

Rotaract Club of Bhaktapur conducted a program regarding Global Hand Washing at Sharada Higher Secondary School.

The main motto of this program Read More

Logo of all Rotaract's club banner flag hoisting at the summit Kyanjin ri

2073-06-18 / 2016-10-04

Promoting Rotaract
Read More

LangTang :) Kyanjin Ri Fellowship Trek

2073-06-16 / 2016-10-02

Fellowship trek
Read More

World peace day 2016

2073-06-05 / 2016-09-21

Promote Peace
Read More

Amazing 1st Presidents Secretaries Meet 016

2073-05-31 / 2016-09-16

District event
Read More

Friendly Futsal with district and rotaractors- League 2

2016-08-28 / 2016-08-28

Read More

Friendly Futsal with district and rotaractors- League 1

2016-08-15 / 2016-08-15

Read More

Zonal Cots Training Participation

2016-08-09 / 2016-08-09

Read More

11th Club Installation

2016-08-04 / 2016-08-04

Read More

Zonal Meeting

2016-07-23 / 2016-07-23

Read More

Public Speaking Training

2016-07-16 / 2016-07-16

The training was facilitated by our very own Chartered President Rtr.


Raju Singh Bajiko. With the huge array of experience in the Read More

Public Speaking Training

2016-07-15 / 2016-07-15

Read More

International Music Day celebration

2016-06-21 / 2016-06-21

It's World Music Day
There was  Live Music, Food, Drinks and etc.
Profits from this event was objected to donated to Old Aged Read More


2015-09-10 / 2015-09-10

Read More

Rota Week Celebration-Photo Session

2015-03-15 / 2015-03-15

Read More

Late Rotaractor Sachin Memorial Nationwide Blood Donation Camp!!

2014-11-15 / 2014-11-15

Rotaract Club of Bhaktapur actively participated in Nationwide Blood donation program initiated by Rotaract Nepal on 15th November 2014, Saturday Read More

Wall Painting

2014-10-18 / 2014-10-18

This event is organised by Rotaract Nepal and UNICEF.Nearly,there were participation of Rotaractors from all over Nepal.From our club,there were Read More

Global Hand Wash

2014-09-15 / 2014-09-15

This project was carried out by district rotaract,they visited many government school all over valley and we. Rotaract Club of. Bhaktapur Read More

Teej Basic Health Service & Free Drinking Water Distribution

2014-08-28 / 2014-08-28

Hritalika Teej, one of the significant festivals of Hindu is fondly celebrated by ladies by fasting for their husband’s health and Read More

Shanti ko lagi Sangeet

2014-03-31 / 2014-03-31

Read More

No to plastic- rally

2014-03-28 / 2014-03-28

Read More

Tree Plantation

2012-06-09 / 2012-06-09

Read More

Charter Day Celebration

2012-06-06 / 2012-06-06

on this charter day we thought why not celebrate it with children who are lacking the appoprate facilities and opportunities to enhance their Read More

Rally on World Environment Day

2012-06-05 / 2012-06-05

World Environment Day reminds us we actually survive in this world depended totally on its natural resource. But question is that are we really Read More

Celebrating Buddha Jayenti

2012-05-06 / 2012-05-06

on this day at the evining we club members and our partners met in the Taumadi Square and lit the light on 'diyo' around the World Read More

Polio Irredication

2012-04-28 / 2012-04-28

On these Very days we visited all ward offices and polio boots of Bhaktapur City and observed the result and numbers of children benificated from Read More

Food Distribution Program

2012-01-14 / 2012-01-14

Food distribution program is ond of the most frequent and regular project of our club. As usual on day early in the morning we visited the Read More

Twin Club Formation

2010-12-09 / 2010-12-09

The program was conducted with participation of following members :

Assistant District Rotaract Representative : Ramesh Manandhar Read More

Diabetes Rally

2010-11-14 / 2010-11-14

The program was conducted successfully jointly with Rotary Club of Bhaktapur and Lions Club taking rally to school students and distributing Read More

Peace Lightening Program

2010-09-21 / 2010-09-21

This Peace Lightening Program was successfully conducted at Nyatapolo (5 Stored Temple) by Rotaract Club of Bhaktapur jointly with Service Civil Read More

Installation Ceromony

2010-08-28 / 2010-08-28

Fourth Installation of Rotaract Club of Bhaktapur was successfully held on 28th august 2010 at Hotel Sweet Home jointly with Rotary Club of Read More


2010-08-26 / 2010-08-26

On the occasion of matya in patan , rotaract club of zone 3 organized a community service programme by helping people those who contributed by Read More


2010-08-22 / 2010-08-22

On the request of Nepal Red cross society , Bhaktapur Branch in search of blood . Rotaract club of bhaktapur organized blood donation Read More


2010-08-14 / 2010-08-14

Read More

Zonal Cots & 2nd Zonal Meeting

2010-08-07 / 2010-08-07

Zonal Cots Training & Second Zonal Meeting Hosted By : Rotaract Club of Bhaktapur (S.B. Rotary Club of Bhaktapur) 7th august 2010     Read More


2010-07-21 / 2010-07-21

This program is conducted on 21st july which is WORLD MUSIC DAY. KUTUMBA - the cultural music band is the main guest of the program. The program Read More

Preservation of Heritage by Youth

2010-05-01 / 2010-05-01

With an objective of Preserving the cultural heritage and spreading awareness to youths and local people about the importance for preservation Read More

Food and medicine Distribution

2008-07-05 / 2008-07-05

Rotaract club of Bhaktapur is conducting a food distribution programme everymonth 2008. More than 30 street children, old and disable people are Read More

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